event trading Pulse Options Weeklyby chris verhaegh


"What Others are Saying"

Just wanted to let Chris know that his system is great. I have only been a member for a short time and am really enjoying the info and trade set-ups.

Bought 20 contracts of GDX 52 Call on Monday at $0.08. Risked $160.
Bought 20 contracts of GDX 49 Put on Monday at $0.13. Risked $260.

Held until Wednesday.
Sold Put at $2.67. A nice 2050 % gain. My $260 went to $5340.
Calls were worthless.
Very happy for this trade.

I am trading with a small amount of money, so I made my profits for the year in one trade. Wow!

Thank you very much,
- Keith N.


This Tuesday was great! I traded for the FOMC event and I traded TLT and GS, and net a profit of $28,000 in one day, starting with only $8900. I just want to know how your going to play next weeks Thursday and Friday events, like what stocks your planning to trade for the events and what levels in the option chain at either in, at or out of the money.

Thank you!!
- Enrique M


"Wow! I watched the LVS JAN 12 46 Puts today as you mentioned.
I put in an order when market opened to buy for 0.03, got filled @ 10:04am. Immediately PLACED ;o) an order to sell at 0.10 got filled on it @ 10:43am - a triple!!"
"I'm waiting on an order on next weeks JAN4 12 45 Put that I bought at 0.25 to sell for 0.50 (trading at .36). I'm reading through the newsletter too."

"God bless your trip to Boston."
- Shannon


"hey, another good trade. today bought gdx 52 put bought at .13 just sold at .40.
i didnt think it would move that much but i guess i just picked the right day."

"thanks for all the info"
- Drew